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8-10, Bockenheimerlandstra├če, Frankfurt, Germany

In 1816 Amschel von Rothschild bought a piece of land with a small country house, built in 1806. He rarely lived there, and after fifteen years he commissioned the architect Friedrich Rumpf to rebuild it.

A new storey was added, the windows given triangular gables, and the whole became an elegant palace in the style of a Roman Renaissance villa with splendid rooms for receptions and social events. The earlier small garden became a park with orangery and glasshouses.

When Amschel died in 1855 he left the house to his nephew, Mayer Carl. In 1869, Mayer Carl converted the house into a good-sized mansion, for which he commissioned Richard Dielmann. In 1890, two symmetrical wings were added. By the end of the nineteenth century, in spite of the encroachment of urban Frankfurt, the house had become a veritable retreat.

Max Goldschmidt-Rothschild, the last owner from 1898, was able to purchase neighbouring properties and replace them with parkland.

The house was destroyed in 1940.

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