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Günthersburg Palace, Bornheim, Frankfurt, Germany

In 1837 Carl von Rothschild acquired the Günthersburg palace situated to the north of Frankfurt and gave it to his son Mayer Carl.

The original building was pulled down and an orangery was built on the site in 1855. Meanwhile a new mansion was built in the early 1840s to designs by Friedrich Rumpf, on a scale which impressed the Rothschild cousins.

"Uncle building a most magnificent house, large enough to hold us all. He has almost 150 acres there, the garden will be pretty", wrote Lionel in a letter to his brother Nat.

His mother Hannah was more sceptical - "I have no doubt of its being a magnificent residence but at present the grounds and garden do not accord with English taste."

In fact, the gardens, when laid out, were designed in the English landscape tradition. When finished, the house itself had an elegant and well-proportioned appearance, not dissimilar to the Villa Medici. In 1891 the house was sold to the town of Frankfurt.

The house was demolished and the gardens turned into a public park. The orangery still stands.

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