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A monograph of the genus Casuarius . With a dissertation on the morphology and phylogeny of the Palæognathæ (Ratitæ and Crypturi) and Neognathæ (Carinatæ)

Transactions of the Zoological Society of London vol.15 part 5, no.1

December 1900 pp.109-290

Lionel Walter (Walter) Rothschild with William P. Pycraft


Eighteen colour plates, and additional black and white plates, diagrams and photographs. Coloured map of Papua New Guinea and northern Australia.The monograph (pp.109-148) is by the Hon. Walter Rothschild, and the dissertation (pp.149-290) undertaken at his request by W.P.Pycraft.A natural history of the cassowaries, describing specimens of the birds and the circumstances of their collection.

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