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42, Avenue Friedland, Paris, France

Laura-Thérèse von Rothschild was the fourth daughter of Mayer Carl and Louise of Frankfurt, in which city she was born on 18 July 1847. She married her French cousin James Edouard (1844-1881) on 11 October 1871, becoming Baroness James Edouard de Rothschild. The couple were well-suited: there was nothing frivolous about him, and Thérèse was a pious, orthodox woman, who never became Parisian.

In Paris, the family lived at 42, Avenue Friedland. Thérèse inherited some of her father's magnificent collection of silver, which she housed in the Avenue Friedland, as well as her bibliophile husband's collection of rare books, bindings and manuscripts. Under the influence of the scholar Émile Picot, she added to the collection, and authorised the publication of a detailed catalogue, and facsimiles of certain works. Her son Henri later bequeathed this exceptional collection to the National Library of France.

The property was demolished in the twentieth century and replaced with an office block.

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