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Schillersdorf, Moravia, Austria

Salomon von Rothschild bought Schillersdorf , an 18th century property located on a hill overlooking the river Oder in Moravia now in the Czech Republic, in 1842.

When he inherited it, his son, Anselm transformed it into a model farm, equipping it with modern machinery, most notably a steam pump which brought water from the river, and a sophisticated system of underground pipes to irrigate the park.

The estate was noted for its varied and plentiful game, and was much enjoyed by guests.  When Anthony visited from England in 1869, he wrote to his bothers: "Schillersdorf is a very fine estate… The house is very comfortable, very much in the style of the old house of Ferrières.  The park… has been laid out recently like Regents Park.  There are magnificent woods of fir trees of thousands of acres all outside, so that shooting is excellent and the drives and rides charming."

The estate subsequently passed down to Albert and then to Alphonse before becoming a hotel and training centre for catering staff in 1960.

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