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Windmill Hill, the Waddesdon estate, Buckinghamshire, England

The building at Windmill Hill is located at the heart of the Waddesdon Estate and houses the Manor, Estate and Family Archives.  The personal papers of the Rothschilds who have been responsible for Waddesdon are held here, and reflect their varied interests, including those in Israel and Palestine.  Windmill Hill is open to the public and is a centre for study, research and collaboration. It is also the home of the Rothschild Foundation, the focal point for the current Lord Rothschild’s philanthropic interests, which provides grants to charitable initiatives across a range of sectors, including local community initiatives in the Vale of Aylesbury. 

The project re-used buildings wherever possible and constructed new ones that reference the site's agricultural past. Designed by Stephen Marshall Architects, Windmill Hill is a shining example of green building that preserves the heritage of its setting. The building has been awarded a prestigious regional prize by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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