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Charlotte Béatrice (Béatrice) de Rothschild (1864-1934)

Charlotte Béatrice de Rothschild, the daughter of Leonora and sister of Bettina, shared with them a somewhat unworldly appearance.

She was fond of the colour pink which, together with her prematurely white hair, suggested a soft, undefined character. The opposite was true. Béatrice could be authoritarian, capricious even, and she had vision. Attracted to the South of France because of the casino at Monte Carlo (so it is believed), Béatrice conceived the plan to construct the Villa Ile de France at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, which she had carried out to perfection.

The completed villa formed the backdrop for her art collections, some inherited from her father. Her properties at avenue Foch in Paris and Reux were inherited by her nephew, Guy.

Cap Ferrat was bequeathed to the Academy of Fine Arts and as The Musée Ephrussi Rothschild preserved the name of Béatrice's husband together with her own.

Born in Paris on 14 September 1864, she died in Switzerland on 7 April 1934.

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