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Miriam Caroline Alexandrine (Miriam Alexandrine) de Rothschild (1884-1965)

Miriam Caroline Alexandrine de Rothschild was born in Paris on 16 March 1884, the daughter of Edmond and Adelheid. Typically for a daughter of a Frankfurt Rothschild she received a rather strict upbringing, and was described by a cousin as having 'infinitely more brains and originality' than either of her brothers.

Alexandrine was similar to her cousin Alice: both were highly intelligent, authoritarian and inclined to appear plain.

She studied medicine, later specialising in dietetics. She married Albert Max Goldschmidt, a cousin, on 15 December 1910, but divorced him during World War One. After the divorce, Alexandrine was free to develop her passion for gardening at her ch√Ęteau of Boulogne which she had inherited from her father.

Alexandrine was a judicious and respected collector of literary and musical manuscripts as well as first editions. In common with many other Rothschilds, she also had a taste for 18th-century art. After the war she spent increasingly long periods of time in Switzerland, and died on 15 March 1965. The Beni Israel Trust was her generous gift to Israel.