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Eugène Daniel (Bun) von Rothschild (1884-1976)

Eugène von Rothschild, the fourth son of Albert and Bettina, was born on 6 March 1884. Eugène showed very little inclination to enter the banking world, and instead became a soldier.

Eugène served in the first world war, but after 1918, the army was much reduced and he could not continue his military career.

On 28 April 1925 he married Cathleen 'Kitty' Wolff and lived most of the time in Paris with her. Kitty, an American, was a friend of Wallis Simpson, and through this connection, Eugène's home at Enzesfeld, outside Vienna, became a focus of world attention in 1936. When Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry Wallis, he made straight for the sanctuary of Enzesfeld.

After the outbreak of war, Eugène went to live on Long Island in the USA where he pursued his interest in mathematics and, after Kitty's death in 1946, travelling. In 1952 he married Jeanne Stuart. They had property in Manhattan, as well as a house in England, but finally settled in Monte Carlo, where Eugène died in 1976.