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Mehayil el hayil: 'from strength to strength'. Lessons for the use of Jewish children

George Bell London 1890 230pp.

Charlotte von Rothschild


A text book to assist teachers of Sabbath classes in planning lessons of interesting and challenging content. Lessons on Jewish traditions and morality are interspersed with a variety of poems and verses to be memorised. An extensive introduction sets out clear guidelines for teachers on how to use the book effectively. The book was published anonymously to ensure an objective reception by the public. Charlotte's involvement could be inferred from the attribution of the initials ‘L de R’ to several of the texts. These are: ‘Hear, O Israel’ pp.99-103; ‘Spring’ pp.111-113; ‘On obedience’ pp.115-118; ‘The good workman’ pp.120-123; ‘Integrity of heart and skilfulness of hand’ pp.125-129; and ‘On cleanliness’ pp.225-229. The volume also contains a poem, ‘Hymn’ by Lady Lindsay, Charlotte's niece. // NP The attribution to Charlotte is not unproblematic. The publication post-dates Charlotte’s death in 1884, and the initials could belong to Charlotte’s sister-in-law and cousin, Louise de Rothschild, as could the subject matter. Nevertheless, the style closely resembles that of Addresses to young children op.cit.

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