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Cinquante ans de souvenirs

Costa Carregal [printer] Porto 1944

Henri James Nathaniel Charles de Rothschild Forword by Augusto de Castro


A collection of biographies and anecdotes about people whom Henri had encountered over the course of his life. They include: Prince Albert of Monaco, King Carlos of Portugal, Kaiser William II of Germany, King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King Cristian X of Denmark, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, the journalist Arthur Meyer, Georges de Porto-Riche, André Citroën, the bibliophile Edouard Rahir, the playwright Pierre Wolff, Jacques and Arnold Séligman, Nelly Melba, Sarah Bernhardt, Raoul Gunzbourg, Alexandre Duval, John Pierpont Morgan, and James Gordon-Bennet. There is a chapter on the early history of motoring, featuring Ferdinant Charron, Albert Clément-Bayard, and Arthur de Rothschild, and a chapter based on Henri's experience of medicine which includes material about Georges Dieulafoy. Travel reminiscences cover Taormina in Sicily, tea houses in Japan, the Dutch East Indies, and dinner with Charlie Chaplin in Hollywood. Henri's involvement in the Théâtre Pigalle is also recorded.

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