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La rampe: pièce en quatre actes

E. Rey Paris 1910 179pp.

Henri James Nathaniel Charles de Rothschild


First published in L'illustration théâtrale November 1909 as a three act play.A subsequent limited edition of two hundred copies contained illustrations by Maurice Leloir and engravings by Léon Boisson (Paris: L. Carteret, 1913 192pp.). A new version was written between December 1925 and July 1926 (Paris: Émile-Paul Frères, 1927). A separate limited edition of 230 copies, entitled La rampe: nouvelle version contained a preface by René Lara and illustrations engraved by Carle-Dupont, after unpublished originals by Largillière, Marillier, Choffard and Seve in the Library of Baron James de Rothschild (Paris: Francisque Lefrancois, Librairie de la Société des Bibliophiles François [sic], 1927. 288pp.). Published in German as Die Rampe (Berlin: n.p., 1910).First performed at the Théâtre du Gymnase, 19 October 1909.Set in the world of the theatre, one of his Henri's dramas to end unhappily, with the suicide of the heroine.

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