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Les continuateurs de Loret: lettres en vers de la gravette de Mayolas, Robinet, Boursault, Perdou de Subligny, Laurent et autres (1665-1689)

Damascene Morgand et Charles Fatout Paris Vol. I: Mai 1665-Juin 1666. 1881. xliv , 1166pp.Vol. II : Juillet 1666-Décembre 1667. 1882. xlii, 1310pp.Limited edition of 600 copies Vol. II has an introduction by Émile Picot, who presented the volume for publication after James's death.

Nathan James Edouard (James Edouard) de Rothschild Assisted by Emile Picot


Collected French 'gazettes rimées', weekly news journals published in the form of verse satires. Chronologically arranged with notes and glossary providing historical background. The satires are considered to be primarily of historical rather than literary interest.

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