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Catalogue des livres composant la bibliothèque de feu M. le Baron James de Rothschild

Damascene Morgand Paris 1884-1920 Vol I: Théologie, jurispurdence, sciences et arts, belles-lettres. 1884. xix, 671pp.Vol II: Belles-lettres, histoire. 1887. 595pp.Vol III: Histoire, supplément. 1893. 516pp.Vol IV: Second supplément. 1912. 646pp.Vol V: Troisième supplément, Itable alphabé

Nathan James Edouard (James Edouard) de Rothschild Edited by Emile Picot


Detailed catalogue of James de Rothschild's library of rare and historical books with his own carefully researched notes on each entry. In his introduction, Émile Picot explains that James completed the bulk of the work before his death, and that Picot's own role was merely that of an editor in presenting the material for publication. Picot describes James's interest in rare books and manuscripts and his bibliographical methodology.

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