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Pages détachées du cahier d'une jeune fille

Imprimerie Larousse Paris 1892 196pp.

Laura Thérèse (Thérèse) von Rothschild


A separate edition was also published (Macon: Protat Freres, 1896; with a second edition in 1907, and an expanded third and fourth editions in 1920 and 1925).German edition published under the title Jugend-Gedanken (Frankfurt am Main: Kaufmann in Komm [printers], 1893; with a second edtion in 1894); also a subsequent edition (Frankfurt am Main: Rumpf & Reis, 1906).Autobiographical memories of travel in Switzerland together with fables and discourses. Many take the form of fictitious letters and provide a focus for moralising reflections on human virtues. Written chiefly at the age of 18. French editions also include memories of nursing in the Franco-Prussian war. Dedicated to the baroness's children, Henri and Jeanne.

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